The following is a list of workshop presentation information that has been provided to our R.I.C.E. coordinator for the 2014 R.I.C.E. Conference: Linking Generations: Incorporating the Past,Present and Future.

PAST WORKSHOP SESSION I: 10:15am – 11:05am                                                   

Hung Nguyen, GVSU Asian Student Union Alumnus
“To Know Your Future, You Must Know Your Past” R00M 117E

The workshop peeks into the past experiences of first generation immigrants from the viewpoint of a first generation immigrant. Is there a common experience? How have they set the groundwork for future generations? What are their legacies?


Dr. Curtis Smith, GVSU Professor and Coordinator of Chinese Language and Literature,
“The History of What it Means to be Chinese.”R00M 119E

The workshop will explore the historical multi-cultural origins of Chinese culture. Although a modern perception of nationality includes one’s place of birth and ethnic heritage, the understanding of what it is to be “Chinese” in traditional Chinese culture is quite different.


Chee Ia Yang MSU Career Advisor
“A Different Story: Southeast Asian Americans” | R00M 121E

With over 40 ethnicities and 300 spoken languages, Asian Americans are often lumped into one racial category without regard to the unique experiences of its subgroups. A disaggregation of the data by ethnicity reveals striking disparities in the educational attainment of Southeast Asian Americans. This workshop aims to provide a knowledge base on the experiences of Southeast Asian American students (Hmong, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian Americans) and determine future directions to help them succeed in postsecondary education. For them, they are the first of many – not just the first in their family – to attend college.

PRESENT WORKSHOP SESSION II: 11:10am – 12:00pm                                           

Nathanael Sage Gendron, GVSU Asian Student Union President
“The Lost Generation: A Product of the American Dream” | R00M 117E

A look into the idea of the “Lost Generation” from the viewpoint of a half-Japanese-American. These ideas will be analyzed through immigration, World War II, and modern perspectives on identity, Asian-American culture, and personal anecdotes. History has created us and the future will be a result of who we are and what we do today. Come experience a unique, yet relatable story of exploration and an entire community search for an identity.


Christine Vo, GVSU Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Co-Recruitment Chair
& Victoria Sun, GVSU Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. VP of Finance & Fundraising Chair
“Asian Americans in the Workplace: Identifying your Leadership Style”R00M 119E

Contrary to the myth of Asian Americans as the upwardly mobile model minority, Asian Americans still occupy only a small portion of leadership roles in American institutions. In this workshop we will identify different leadership styles and the roles they play in collaborative settings. Which leadership style are you? Are you relaxed? Are you uptight? How do you deal with conflict? Learn about the strengths and weaknesses that come with the leadership style you possess. Come and participate in our fun, interactive workshop to learn what leadership style you are and how you can learn to work with differing personalities in the workplace!


Michael Diep, GVSU Asian Student Union Alumnus
“The Transformation: Ethnic Identity and Assimilation”R00M 121E

Using examples from Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Model, history, popular media, def jam, and workshop discussions (yes, this will be interactive), this workshop will examine how identity is formed and perpetuated throughout generations. Moreover, it will discuss how the shift from Asia to the United States for various ethnicities has funneled Asian individuals into one group of de-individualized “Asian-Americans.” This process of assimilation, thought by our first generations of immigrants to be a way to achieve a “better life”, has throughout time been aided and agitated by American social stereotyping and racial microaggression, leading to the marginalization of ethnic individuality.

FUTURE WORKSHOP SESSION III: 1:05pm – 2:00pm                                            

Kevin Chau, GVSU Student, Asian Student Union & President of Chinese Club
“Dancing Inbetween Dreams”R00M 117E

Cultural Identity is a challenge for many Americans, including Asian Americans. We often ask ourselves: Am I Asian? Or am I American? However, the truth is that we fall somewhere Inbetween. It evolves into a question of “Where Inbetween am I?” The answer itself is not important, but how we apply it is. Each of us have our own unique experiences and in today’s highly globalized society and economy, we are encountered by these cultural challenges nearly every day. This workshop will highlight the importance of identifying the “Inbetweenness” as a state of transition and applying it as a source for Innovation in fulfilling the American Dream.


Max Maodush, GVSU Asian Student Union Alumnus
& Jenna Bradshaw, GVSU Asian Student Union, Vice President
Lost in Translation: A Korean Adoptee ExperienceR00M 119E

Join Max and Jenna as they explore the history, definition, and issues found within the KAD (Korean Adoptee) community and shed light on an otherwise overlooked Asian “ethnicity.” Using statistics, research, and their own personal experiences, they will be addressing personal issues such as individual identity (stigmas, duality, shame and/or pride) and personal development most commonly found in many KADs.


Charlie Gendron, GVSU Asian Student Union, Public Relations
& Juan Lopez, GVSU Asian Student Union and Treasurer of Japanese Culture Associations
Idealistic America, Nothing of my Own” | Room 121E

Our detailed past has contributed to our powerful uprise from minorities to cultural Americans. The past has not taken away our heritage, but it has contributed to our understanding and has helped us pursue the American Dream. Not only do we strive to adapt, but also to interact, learn, and live comfortably in a society as to segregated minorities.


For additional questions, please contact Celina Yang:

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