About us

Welcome to the website of Asian Student Union at Grand Valley State University. Our meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm in Room 2270 of Kirkhof Center. Because the rooms are sometimes subject to change, be sure to check your e-mail for weekly e-mail reminders. If you aren’t on our e-mail list and would like to be, send us a message at asu@mail.gvsu.edu.

The goal and purpose of our organization are stated below. For the full Asian Student Union Constitution, please click here.


The goal of the Asian Student Union organization is to serve as a support group and an educational resource for Asians and students who are interested in learning more about Asian cultures. The group will strive to disperse stereotypes regarding Asian Americans through workshops and cultural events in hopes of creating an Asian voice on campus. We will work together and unite with other minority student organizations to promote cultural diversity. We hope to achieve these goals through active campus and community involvement.


 The purpose of the Asian Student Union is to provide students of all races with the chance of expanding their cultural knowledge and understanding of Asian-American society.  It is the organization’s and members’ common goal to reach out on a local and statewide scale to communities and invite them, intrigue them, and involve them with Asian American culture and ideals; to eliminate narrow mindedness, invigorate the apathetic, and to show that many can come together as one, regardless of color or nationality.


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